28th of July

How to Make Your Company’s Products Should Look More Expensive

When it comes to marketing, looks are everything. Whether you are selling candy bar or a smartphone, the looks of the product matters a lot. The iPhone didn’t become the most popular phone in the market by looking like a regular Nokia. Consumers will judge your products based on looks and not just price alone. It’s safe to say that people want to buy stuff that looks valuable, regardless of the price tag. So, even if you sell cheap products, make sure it looks more expensive that it actually is. This is particularly true for consumer electronics and household products. Here are several tips to improve product design to make them seem more valuable in a customer’s eyes:

Put Products in Nice Packages

Packaging is a very important aspect of selling a product. The packaging should be convenient to the consumer, and it should also highlight the best aspects of your product. Think the neat white boxes iPhones come in, or the unique bottle shape of Pepsi or Coca Cola drinks. Consumers associate these package shapes with the products naturally. Designing packages is an art form on its own. So, contract a packaging design agency to come up with a great idea for your product. If a product is nicely wrapped like a gift, consumers will instantly like it.

Use Colours

Don’t hesitate to use colours in your products or packaging. Colours are naturally appealing. Even a hint of colour here and there can make a product look ten times more expensive. Use colour wisely to attract consumers. The products should never look garish, but stylish and visually appealing.

Take Professional Grade Photographs

Most people shop online these days. So, the photographs of your product that are posted on e-stores play an important role in driving purchases. Hire a professional photographer to take industry-grade pictures of your products to post online. The photographs should make your products look sleek and professional looking, but without misleading the user. Do be careful not to make your products look too different, or you will end up with loads of band reviews online.

Include Cute Booklets with the Product if Possible

Some products require instruction manuals. Even if one is not needed, include a small booklet or a note with the product to show the customer that the company really cares. Also, the cheapest products don’t come with such compliments. Even if the customer only paid a pittance for the product, a booklet or a similar insertion can make the product seem more valuable.

Use Customer Feedback

Don’t forget to collect customer feedback on how the products look. Customers may refer to looks in their reviews. It’s also a good idea to conduct a survey to find out how looks affect customer buying decisions of your products.

The better a product looks, the more you might be able to charge for it as well. Use the above tips as guidelines to make your products looks like they are worth every penny. Quality matters too, of course, But good looks is an important aspect of making your products look more appealing to the target audience.